New Zealand blog listing

My latest blogging venture is to create a site listing all of the blogs that are based in New Zealand.

I’ve created the NZ Blogs site on Blogtown NZ which is the free, blogging service that I’ve set up to make it easy for New Zealanders to start their own, local blog.

I can’t track down all the blogs myself, so there’s a submission form on the site which allows you to submit your own blog, or the blog of someone else you know in NZ.

I’m going to try to make a WordPress Widget at some point that will allow you to easily link to it, but for the time being you can find all the blogs and a nice OPML file on the home page over on the NZ Blogs site.

UPDATE! Check out the Recent Posts page which lists the 20 most recent posts from all blogs – you may find something interesting there.

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