Wellington bloggers meetup

As Wanda Martha just mentioned, last night we had the first meetup of the Wellington Bloggers Facebook group (or the catchy ‘WBFG‘ for short) at the Southern Cross bar. It was great fun and quite surreal meeting bloggers in real life for the first time – especially as we already knew so too much about each other already. Unfortunately nobody thought to take any photos so I can’t post any pictures of the happy bloggers discussing blogging, Facebook, RSS, anything 2.0, and all those other cool, geeky things.

If you’re a blogger in Wellington and you’re not on Facebook – you’re missing out.

Update: Mauricio did what I couldn’t be bothered to do and linked to everyone who came along. Read his post here.

Windows Server 2008

Most people are expecting Longhorn to eventually become officially known as Windows Server 2008, but it looks like Microsoft have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag by posting a link to the “Windows Server 2008 Reviewers Guide” on the WinHEC press site. Eagle-eyed Mary Jo Foley picked up on it and grabbed a screenshot before Microsoft sneakily changed the link back to it’s current name, Longhorn.

Of course, perhaps Microsoft did this on purpose to throw us eager bloggers off their scent, and there’s still a chance that it will be called Longhorn Server… (but I doubt it.)

Aero blamed for Vista’s poor battery life

A lot of people have been complaining about Windows Vista’s poor battery life and now the bigger news outlets are picking up on it too. CNet reported that OEMs are resorting to their own power management tools to try to squeeze out as much battery life as possible while running Vista. The finger is being pointed at Vista’s new theme, Aero, as being the main cause – especially when running with all of the fancy effects – despite Microsoft saying that Aero doesn’t impact on performance.

Even Microsoft bloggers are starting to admit that Aero does drain the battery, but as far as I know Microsoft haven’t formally admitted to the problem yet.

One user decided to fix the problem himself, so he’s created a small utility which disables Aero while running on batteries. Simple but effective.

New Zealand blog listing

My latest blogging venture is to create a site listing all of the blogs that are based in New Zealand.

I’ve created the NZ Blogs site on Blogtown NZ which is the free, blogging service that I’ve set up to make it easy for New Zealanders to start their own, local blog.

I can’t track down all the blogs myself, so there’s a submission form on the site which allows you to submit your own blog, or the blog of someone else you know in NZ.

I’m going to try to make a WordPress Widget at some point that will allow you to easily link to it, but for the time being you can find all the blogs and a nice OPML file on the home page over on the NZ Blogs site.

UPDATE! Check out the Recent Posts page which lists the 20 most recent posts from all blogs – you may find something interesting there.

Apology from Plaxo

My previous post about Plaxo joined in with the blogosphere’s opinion that Plaxo needed to apologise for their spam they had knowingly sent out. This morning I discovered that Plaxo’s CEO had made a full, public apology – even to the point of making a dig at themselves with a picture of flying pigs in the post.

This apology is greatly appreciated from someone who has both been the receiver and unintentional sender of such spam. I’m sure this will be good for Plaxo’s business. Thanks.


Measure Map purchased by Google

News just in… Measure Map has been purchased by Google for an (as yet) unknown price. This will be a nice addtion to the Google Analytics software that Google also purchased recently. Measure Map, however, is more focused on bloggers – providing the essential stats that bloggers are after.

The interesting thing about this purchase, is that the Measure Map software is not even in beta testing yet, and there is still no wide-spread public test available. Not sure if this is a first, but it’s definitely worth a congratulation to Jeffrey Veen who now joins Google on the Google Measure Map team.

Performancing for Firefox 1.1 released

Update: New post on spam I get for the HearTheMusicPlay Scam

Performancing for Firefox has just been upgraded to version 1.1 – you can read more here: http://performancing.com/node/945

I’ve been testing out a few desktop publishing tools for blogs recently and haven’t really found one that I like. I’ll give this one another go and see if I suits my needs or not.

Blog Hui 2006

I created a del.icio.us link to this a while back but wanted to create a new post to highlight this event in Wellington, NZ. Blog Hui 2006 is the first blog conference here and should be exciting to see how blogging is taking off in NZ.

Here are the details copied from the website – http://bloghui.org

New Zealand’s first international blog conference
March 17-18, 2006
Wellington, New Zealand

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