Scoopit is NZ’s own social news site

Scoopit Logo I had no idea that NZ had its own Digg-like social news website. It’s called Scoopit, and the blurb from their blog is:

Scoopit is a collection of links submitted and ranked by readers. Submit your own Scoop. View and vote for unpublished Scoops submitted by others.

There’s not much content on there yet as it’s only been launched within the last few months, but it’s good to see some good local content coming through. I’ll be adding a Scoopit button to my WordPress template so if you read something interesting here you may want to “Scoop it” so others can read it too.

Hmmm – their service has been down twice since I started writing this post but they are aware of the problem and hopefully can get it sorted out.

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