Controlled Leaks

Fascinating insite into corporate PR:

Often Apple has a need to let information out, unofficially. The company has been doing that for years, and it helps preserve Apple’s consistent, official reputation for never talking about unreleased products. I know, because when I was a Senior Marketing Manager at Apple, I was instructed to do some controlled leaks.

via How Apple Does Controlled Leaks | Analysis | The Mac Observer.

Microsoft Aren't Announcing Courier at CES

Sounds like Microsoft will be revealing a fairly standard HP tablet/convertible notebook at CES. That’s a shame…

As much as BoomTown likes a good computer tablet faceoff, sources with knowledge of the situation said that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will not be whipping out the secret “Courier” slate PC, which the company has been noodling on, in his keynote speech opening the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas tonight. Instead, he will be showing off a new Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) slate that runs Microsoft (MSFT) software.

via No Microsoft “Courier” Slate PC at Steve Ballmer CES Keynote | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD.

Boxee Remote

This is a unique take on the media center remote which so many others have failed at. The QWERTY keyboard on the revers of the remote makes so much sense.

When we started designing the Boxee Box remote we wanted something simple like the 6-button Apple Remote.  As we began adding features to the Beta it became obvious that for people to really get the most out of the box it was going to need to do more than just point and click.  Rather than subject anyone to another on-screen keyboard we decided the Boxee Box should benefit from a full QWERTY keyboard like you might have on a mobile phone.

via Boxee Blog » By the pricking of my thumbs, something awesome this way comes. .

Boxee Box officially announced

As much as I like Boxee, and hope they succeed, this is really a dumb hardware design. I can understand wanting a unique design so that the box stands out, but this just looks like it hasn’t been thought through properly. There is a good reason why most AV equipment is flat, rectangular, box-shaped: so that you can stack them, fit them onto shelves, or stand them vertically &endash; this crazy shape can do none of that.

Just as we’d heard, the asymmetrical streamer will be sold by D-Link for under $200, and it’ll support a wide range of formats, including DivX, VC-1, WMV, H.264 MKV, and Flash 10.1. Service support is equally broad, with Pandora,, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and Flickr all integrated — and there’s obviously Boxee’s app platform for additional apps, plugins, and games.

via Boxee Box officially announced: under $200, Flash 10.1 support — Engadget.


Gina Trapani (ex-Lifehacker, and now <a href=””>Smarterware</a>) created an interesting tool for Twitter power users.

ThinkTank is an installable web application that captures and organizes replies to your status updates on Twitter.

via ThinkTank – Ask Your Friends.

Microsoft To Reveal Slate PC Ahead of Apple

If this is true, I’m betting that it will be the same Courier device that Gizmodo featured last year. And if so, this could seriously be a threat to whatever tablet Apple are going to release.

On Wednesday, Mr. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, will unveil a novel take on a slate-type computer during his evening keynote at the Consumer Electronics trade show in Las Vegas, according to people familiar with Microsoft’s plans. The slate will be made by Hewlett-Packard and possibly available by mid-year, these people said.

via Microsoft and H.P. To Reveal Slate PC Ahead of Apple – Bits Blog –

TechCrunch (Mike Arrington) Nexus One Review

Michael Arrington from TechCrunch reviews the Nexus One. Note that Arrington dumped his iPhone for a previous Android device just so that he could use Google Voice. Keep this bias in mind when reading his review.

Overall the Android is a superior mobile device, particularly when paired with Google Voice. Google is calling this the first of the Super Phones. And they may not be exaggerating all that much.

via Google Nexus One: The TechCrunch Review .

Fake Steve Jobs on Apple's Tablet Pricing

Fake Steve Jobs nails it on the upcoming Tablet’s pricing:

So whatever. I’m back in the Jobs Pod, vertical again, and arguing with Tim Cook about how much we should overcharge for the tablet. Tim says we can’t go over a thousand dollars, because that’s like some huge psychological barrier, and I’m feeling like hey, if there’s one lesson we learned from the iPhone it’s that we can overcharge as much as we damn well please and people will still line up to buy the friggin thing. Six hundred bucks for a phone, and nobody blinked. This tablet thing is at least twice as good as the first-generation iPhone, so I’m pushing for twelve hundred out of the gate, figuring we bone all the early adopters and then quickly bring the price down to widen the market. I mean look at the hype!

via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Holy crap I just woke up and realized it’s January already.