Fake Steve Jobs on Apple's Tablet Pricing


Fake Steve Jobs nails it on the upcoming Tablet’s pricing:

So whatever. I’m back in the Jobs Pod, vertical again, and arguing with Tim Cook about how much we should overcharge for the tablet. Tim says we can’t go over a thousand dollars, because that’s like some huge psychological barrier, and I’m feeling like hey, if there’s one lesson we learned from the iPhone it’s that we can overcharge as much as we damn well please and people will still line up to buy the friggin thing. Six hundred bucks for a phone, and nobody blinked. This tablet thing is at least twice as good as the first-generation iPhone, so I’m pushing for twelve hundred out of the gate, figuring we bone all the early adopters and then quickly bring the price down to widen the market. I mean look at the hype!

via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Holy crap I just woke up and realized it’s January already.

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