More paid parental leave is a good thing – even for lawyers

The usually sensible David Farrar, is suggesting that lawyers and other high-earning couples should not be entitled to as much paid parental leave as those who earn less than them. Targeted support is one of those idealistic things that look good on paper but are usually far from fair when implemented.

How do you target the support – would it be based on just income, or income plus assets? I know of couples that earn a lot less than my wife and I, but are probably better off as they have a small mortgage whereas we haven’t yet been able to buy a house.

I think that extended paid parental leave is a good thing for all families – whether you’re high-flying lawyers or minimum wage families. We should be encouraging parents (mothers and fathers) to spend more time with their babies while not having to worry about losing their jobs or being able to pay mortgage/rent.

(and by the way – Good on you, National and Labour, for supporting the recommendations.)

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