I’m on Pownce – now what?

I signed up for Pownce today to see what it’s all about. Signup was nice and easy and updated my profile (http://pownce.com/amanzi/) with the same photo from Facebook.

But now what…? I went to add some friends and my only option is to add someone who’s already on Pownce. The thing is, I don’t know who’s on Pownce already and even then, I don’t want to have add everyone individually.

To me, the best feature of Facebook is how easy it is to find and add friends. I begrudgingly signed up to Facebook just to see what the hype was all about, and was then hooked from day one when it scanned my address book and told me that almost 50 of my contacts were already using Facebook.

Now I know that Pownce isn’t the same thing as Facebook, but both services are really only useful when you have lots of friends using them too. Pownce needs a better system of finding and adding friends I know.


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