Stuart does not have to say is anymore

I have just changed my Facebook status to: ‘Stuart does not have to say “is” anymore’.

That’s right – looks like Facebook have finally listened to the requests of users and have removed the requirement to have to start your status message with the word “is”.

And I’ve just checked Google Reader again and nobody else has mentioned this yet. Could it be that I’m the first blogger to scoop this?

Gadgets, Games and Geeks

Haven’t been blogging much recently, as you can tell by the lack of posts. I’d like to say that I’ve been too busy (I have) but the amount of time I’ve been spending on Facebook says otherwise.

Unlimited PotentialAnyway, I’m heading along to the Gadgets, Games and Geeks event hosted by Unlimited Potential (UP) tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 8th August.) If you’re heading down there too, let me know and I’ll shout you a beer (they’re free!) Call/text on my mobile (021766940) or let me know through email or Facebook.

Wellington bloggers meetup

As Wanda Martha just mentioned, last night we had the first meetup of the Wellington Bloggers Facebook group (or the catchy ‘WBFG‘ for short) at the Southern Cross bar. It was great fun and quite surreal meeting bloggers in real life for the first time – especially as we already knew so too much about each other already. Unfortunately nobody thought to take any photos so I can’t post any pictures of the happy bloggers discussing blogging, Facebook, RSS, anything 2.0, and all those other cool, geeky things.

If you’re a blogger in Wellington and you’re not on Facebook – you’re missing out.

Update: Mauricio did what I couldn’t be bothered to do and linked to everyone who came along. Read his post here.

Find events with Eventfinder


Auckland based site, Eventfinder, have been rolling out heaps of new features recently with a focus on the social networking aspects of finding and attending events. Each registered user gets a profile page and can add friends to their network to keep up to date with what events their friends are attending.

This is a great use of social networking and they make it very easy to keep track of the events you and your friends are attending.

There are lots more features planned too, such as RSS feeds for your favourite events and the ability to publish the events you are attending directly to online calendars such as Google Calendar, as well as other social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. You can view my profile through the link below and if you add me as a friend you’ll be able to keep up to date with the events I’m attending.

My profile: Stuart Maxwell User Profile | Eventfinder

Visual Studio 2008 Express Beta 2 available for download

Lost in the hoopla of the announcement that Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2008 has been released, was that their ‘Express’ counterparts have also been updated to Beta 2 and are now available to download from here: Visual Studio 2008 Express Downloads

This is great news for us part-time coneheads and there’s a whole bunch of great resources such as the Facebook Developer kit for developing apps for the Facebook platform.

Darryl Burling from Microsoft NZ was kind enough to provide me with the links.

I’m on Pownce – now what?

I signed up for Pownce today to see what it’s all about. Signup was nice and easy and updated my profile ( with the same photo from Facebook.

But now what…? I went to add some friends and my only option is to add someone who’s already on Pownce. The thing is, I don’t know who’s on Pownce already and even then, I don’t want to have add everyone individually.

To me, the best feature of Facebook is how easy it is to find and add friends. I begrudgingly signed up to Facebook just to see what the hype was all about, and was then hooked from day one when it scanned my address book and told me that almost 50 of my contacts were already using Facebook.

Now I know that Pownce isn’t the same thing as Facebook, but both services are really only useful when you have lots of friends using them too. Pownce needs a better system of finding and adding friends I know.