Skype me…

I’ve started using some software called Skype – it’s free internet, telephone software which enables you to make free phone calls over the internet to other Skype users or really low-cost calls to land-lines around the world.

If you’re already a Skype user, you can call me using this button Skype me!! or by adding my username – stuart.maxwell – to your contacts list.

If you haven’t got the free software yet, you can download it and learn more about it from the Skype website: It’s really easy to use and it seems to be catching on, so this could be the next big thing!

First post….

Thought I’d give blogging another go… I’m using WordPress for this – you can find more info here: It’s really easy to install and use, hopefully I’ll keep this updated regurlarly.

I’ve also updated the DebandStu website – – using portal software called Mambo. Both websites are now on my new server which is running Debian linux on an AMD 2500XP processor with 512MB RAM.

More news to follow soon….

Test blog from Word 2007 with images

I think I’ve finally got this Word 2007 blogging feature sussed. Now I should be able to upload pictures into the blog post too. Word 2007 converts the snazzy Smart Art to a PNG format and uploads it to a n FTP site. But I don’t think the image will show at first because my FTP site is different to the website.

Let’s see…