My Apple Tablet Predictions


I’m usually a fence-sitter when it comes to making predictions, but in an attempt to be a bit bolder and put myself ‘out there’, here go my predictions on what the Apple Tablet will look and feel like.

Caveat: obviously this is all based on the assumption that there is a tablet being produced by Apple. I don’t have any insider information – I’m about as far removed from Cupertino as physically possible.

  • Name: the name of the tablet won’t be iSlate, and I’d go further to predict that the name won’t start with the letter ‘i’.
  • Screen: the screen will be 10″ diagonal with a resolution of 1280×800. It will be backlit-LED and will be easily usable in bright sunlight.
  • Form factor: obviously the form factor will be in the shape of table, but unlike Microsoft’s Courier device, it won’t be foldable. The tablet will, however, have a stand to allow it to stand upright in either portrait or landscape mode and it will work with Bluetooth peripherals such as Apple’s wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse.
  • OS: I’m betting that the OS will be based on iPhone OS 4.0 but will be renamed to OS X Mobile, or something similar. The interface will be similar to current iPhones, but will expose more of the underlying file system and utilities (e.g. Finder, Terminal)
  • Applications: Apps will feel similar to current iPhone apps in regards to interface and usability, but the standard apps will be enhanced with more advanced features, e.g. the Mail App will allow saving attachments to disk, Safari will allow downloads. 3rd party apps will be purchased and installed through the App Store only, and current iPhone apps will be able to be ported to the Tablet with minor modifications. I wouldn’t be surprised if the iLife and iWork suites are ported to the tablet interface
  • Tech specs: the CPU will be a proprietary Apple design as opposed to one from Intel or ARM. There will be 1GB RAM and at least 64GB of flash storage. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be standard but no 3G. A single USB port and possibly an SD card reader. Built-in microphone, speakers and webcam, but not a still camera. There won’t be an iPod dock connector.
  • Price: it won’t be cheap. I’d expect pricing around the same as an entry-level MacBook.

These specs and features will place it between an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, and if you already own both a smartphone and a laptop, you would still feel that the tablet is suitable for you.

I’m prepared to be proven wrong on all counts… your thoughts?

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