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I don’t have any good or bad feelings towards FreeHand, but it really annoys me when a company buys another company just to shut down the competition. There should be laws against this…

FreeHand is quite possibly the best vector drawing application ever made. For those of us who still use it in our every day work as designers, this statement is indisputably true. Despite this, when the competition wished to gain complete control over this lucrative market, thereby securing many millions of dollars in future revenue from designers the world over, FreeHand was buried after being purchased (as part of a larger transaction). In the briefest terms possible, that is what really happened. For now our lawyers have us avoiding any direct accusations, but it isn’t hard to guess who we’re referring to. However, if your curiosity is piqued you can read more about the FreeHand story here.

via Free FreeHand organization.

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