AppMakr To Make Anyone An iPhone App


I say congratulations to AppMakr for filling a need, but I’m betting that there’s nothing in these apps which couldn’t have been done in a web-app. I have a general dislike for native apps that are created for websites&emdash;and especially SaaS websites&emdash;as it is counter-productive to moving towards web-based apps. I really don’t see the point in creating a native app that displays an RSS feed from a website.

Where developing iPhone apps can typically cost upward of $10,000 and take weeks or months to build, AppMakr promises to deliver a quality app in less than an hour for only $199. Users of the online service, formally launched today, enter a site Web site address or keywords and get back a sample iPhone app built with that content in less than 30 seconds, according to PointAbout.

via MediaPost Publications AppMakr To Make Anyone An iPhone App-Builder 01/04/2010.

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