More random blog points from London

Yes, I’m still on holiday – and still loving it! I love Europe and have loads to blog about, but first some random points that I read while catching up on NZ blogs…

  • I’ve been tagged by Sandy in a blog meme, so have grabbed a screenshot of  my desktop and will post about it shortly.
  • Wanda Harland is open! Some of you will know Wanda as Martha’s blog persona, but Wanda Harland is also Martha’s new shop in Petone, where you can buy the Babylicious range of clothes as well as lots of over beautiful and random goodies.
  • YouTube now has a localised version of the site available for NZ. You can get to it through which redirects to Ben Kepes doesn’t get the point of it, but I think it’s pretty cool as you get presented with NZ-based content on the homepage – which is the point of it, I guess.
  • Movember is coming up soon (the day after I get back) and I will be entering again this year. Last year I raised $300 so will be looking to at least match that – so stay tuned as the mass-emails will be out soon begging asking kindly for donations. In return for your sponsorship I will attempt to embarrass myself (suggestions welcome) more than I did last year, and I will also add your name to the Wall Of Honour on this blog. MirarmarMike has a good write-up about Movember and why it’s important so I’ll leave you to read his post here.
  • Apple is release Leopard (OSX 10.5) on the 26th October and I hear that they will also be announcing some new products. I may get a Mac Mini soon so I can finally get to play with OSX properly. I also want an iPod Touch after playing with one in the Apple Store in Bluewater shopping centre.

I had some more points but my laptop crashed while resuming from sleep (grrr….. Vista….) so I can’t be bothered trying to find all the links again…

UPDATE: Just remembered one of the other points that I lost earlier…

  • Google is now implementing IMAP access to their Gmail accounts. It’s not available throughout the system yet, as it’s gradually being rolled out, so I haven’t been able to test it yet. But this is something a lot of people, including me, have been asking for.

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