Losing faith, Steampunk and Elephants

Just a few interesting links from this morning’s news reading…

From Boing Boing:

LA Times religious reporter loses faith

My favorite news magazine, The Week, reprinted this fascinating personal account written the LA Times’ former religious correspondent.

Nine years ago, William Lobdell was assigned to cover religion for the LA Times. He was a born-again Christian when he got the gig. In 2001 he started studying to convert to his wife’s religion, Catholicism. That was when the trouble began for Lobdell.

Another from Boing Boing:

Boing Boing reader’s steampunk cloque

Bill sez, “I built this steampunk clock after seeing other steampunk items on BoingBoing and just got inspired to make my own. This one is built on an empty vintage clock case from around 1910, and the parts came from local radio repair shops, a bicycle repair shop, Home Depot, and various car wreck sites that I pass on my daily walk. There’s also a part (see if you can spot it) from an old Model T car. Besides the funky steampunk look, the best thing about this is that it tells the actual time, a good thing, since I’m an obsessive punctuality freak.”

From Mark Pilgrim:


Why? Because the internet needs a page with 648 elephants. You may not have realized that, but now that I say it, you’re thinking, “Of course! Where are my elephants?” I got your elephants right here.

Update: fixed link.

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