Live Writer – essential blogging tool

In my opinion, the only good thing to come out of the whole “Windows Live” fad is Windows Live Writer – and this rocks! If you haven’t tried this desktop blogging tool yet, then you’re really missing out.

The latest version was released a couple of weeks ago and it is a dramatic improvement over the previous beta. Some of my favourite features are:

  • Improved spell checking (although no NZ dictionary available yet!)
  • Inline adding of flash objects like YouTube videos or Picasa Web Album slideshows (you just paste the embedded code directly into the rich text editor.)
  • Better built-in tagging support.
  • Better blog provider detection with the ability to enable certain features depending on where your blog is hosted.

I would still like to see a tabbed interface so that I can have several posts open at once in the same window. And we definitely need to be able to country-specific dictionaries.

UPDATE: I meant to post this link to a great resource with lots more Windows Live Writer tips and tricks:

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