Google to the rescue

A cool story about how blogging and Google brought a present to our daughter, Elliot…

Over the last few days, we have received lots of presents from friends and family for the arrival of Elliot, who sends her thanks by the way. But one present from Karen and Jason had the wrong address on it, didn’t have a return address, and was sent just to Elliot Maxwell.

So what would you do if you received a package addressed to someone else with no return address? Well, our neighbour down the road (who doesn’t know us) opened the card and present to find more clues about who the gift belonged to. The card inside didn’t mention any other names apart from Elliot Maxwell, but it was obvious that the present for a newborn baby.

Google to the rescue, and despite the fact that Elliot was not even 10 days old at the time, the first record for a search for Elliot Maxwell was indeed our daughter as featured on our DebandStu blog! And as we keep our contact email addresses on the site, we received an email that day to find out that the parcel was delivered to the house just down the road from us.

So thanks, Russell, for your ingenuity!


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