PABX for my home office?

Sounds a bit over the top for my one-man company, but a PABX could prove to be useful for my home office. Fortunately there is a freely available open-source product called Asterix out there which I have been semi-fol owing for the last year. Recently I’ve read a bit about Trixbox which is built upon Asterix and is designed to make it reeeaaallly easy to setup your own PABX. Tony Hughes posted a tutorial on the Geekzone website to get this setup and has now moved the article to the Voip Users website. And just today I was reading Adam Jobbins’s setup using Slingshot’s iTalk service.

I happen to have an old PIII box lying around at home so (as soon as I get some time…) I might give this a go myself. Stay tuned for updates

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