Longhorn testing round 1

Longhorn 1 – Stuart 0

First round of Longhorn didn’t go well, but I’ve only got myself to blame. I installed a Standard edition of Longhorn into VMware Server which all went fine. Then I jumped straight into the new Server Manger, and went a bit crazy and selected a whole bunch of roles at once.

Needless to say, the installation of the roles failed and I couldn’t be bothered trouble-shooting it so I just deleted the vm and decided to think of a better way to test. So I’ve decided to set up a bunch of servers for specific roles instead. The first one that I’ll be doing is a dedicated web server running the new IIS 7. I’ll also try it with just the Server Core version installed as there’s no need for a GUI shell on a web server.

We’ll see how this one goes, but other roles I’ll set up later will be a dedicated terminal server, and perhaps a trusty old file server too.

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