2 Terrabytes downloaded in 2 hours

I just received an email alert from Telstra Clear saying that I have gone over my 20GB traffic limit for the month. Seeing that we’re only ten days into the month it seemed strange, so I jumped on to the Telstra Usage charts (which I check fairly regularly.)

The screenshots below show my usage for the month – the reason why it looks like I only have usage on the one day is that the previous days’ usage doesn’t show up on this scale. And yes, that’s 2 million megabytes listed for today or, 2 terrabytes. The raw data you can download from Telstra shows that up until two hours ago, my usage was just average, but in the last two hours I’ve downloaded about 2 terrabytes of data! That’s impressive…

Telstra Usage Summary Telstra Usage Chart

(By the way… it’s obviously a mistake. I’m on the phone to them now.)

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