Another Exchange 2007 link dump

Some more Exchange 2007 links to get through…

Get ready for Exchange 2007

Well, the IT’s Showtime team have products a “Get ready for Exchange 2007 roadshow” videos. You can watch your way through a set of videos discussion architecture, deployment, management and Unified Communications from the guys at corp. Here’s a list of sessions released recently…

Exchange Webcasts for February

Tips for managing the Exchange Server 2007 Console views

In Exchange 2007, the Recipient Configuration node and its child nodes (Mailbox, Distribution Group, Mail Contact, Disconnected Mailbox) of the Exchange Management Console (console) are used for recipient management. By default, up to 1000 recipients in the current domain are displayed in the result pane of the Recipient Configuration node and its child nodes. For organizations with more than 1000 recipients, 1000 recipients have to be displayed by default while they may not be the specific set of recipients that you want to manage, and you may not want to wait until they are displayed. This article gives a few tips to manage and speed up the console view.

RTM Exchange Server 2007 Setup GUI Walkthrough

Exchange 2007 introduces a completely rewritten Setup GUI experience, designed to match the Administrative experience you’ll get with Exchange 2007 Management Console once the installation is completed. Like the Exchange 2007 Management Console, the new Exchange Setup is written on top of the Windows PowerShell cmdlets and is therefore completely scriptable with one-liners!

In the rest of this blog post, I’ll show you the new GUI and talk about the various options available throughout the setup process.

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