Updated Windows Live Writer Released

A new version of Windows Live Writer has just been released. This is by far the best Live product that has been released yet, and the only one that actually shows some originality. (The rest of the Live product range are all clones of competing software, or, renamed MSN services.)

This is a really useful update too – the categories list has now been improved (although not perfect yet) and it now sports a scroll bar to navigate through a long list of categories. Also, the Tags plugin functionality has now been built into the core application and has been redesigned and drastically improved to allow easy tagging of posts (now if only WordPress supported this!) Other improvements include performance enhancements and support for Blogger beta.

The Live team have also integrated their plugins directory into the Live Gallery so that all plugins can be centrally maintained. The first plugins most people will install is the “Insert Flickr Image” plugin and the “Blog This from Firefox” plguin. There’s also a “Blog This from IE” plugin for those other die hard fans! :-)

By the way, I installed Live Writer and am now running it from MojoPac running on my iPod. Full write-up on MojoPac coming soon – just as soon as I figure out how it works…

(Also posted in the beta @ amanzi site.)

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