The truth can be inconvenient

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for the last couple of weeks – Deb and I went to see “An Inconvenient Truth” (IMDB link) at the Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn. The movie was Deb’s choice but I was so glad that I saw it.

It’s a really important film that everyone should go to see, it will really open your eyes. It’s a documentary that revolves around Al Gore’s campaign to highlight the serious issues with global warming. The film cuts between a slideshow that Al Gore is presenting and clips of him on the road, traveling around the word spreading his message.

The film hits home hard and Al’s presentation skills really gets the message across well. You’ll leave the cinema either feeling depressed or inspired – but either way you’ll know that changes need to happen. Here are a couple of environment-friendly links that I’ve come across in my quest to help out…

Personal Kyoto – this is a service only applicable to New York residents at the moment, but it’s so simple it should be relevant worldwide. You register with the site and give it your local electricity account number and they produce a chart showing your electricity usage and how it relates to the standards implied by the Kyoto Protocol. The idea is that you calculate what you need to do reduce your emissions in line with what the Kyoto Protocol would require.

Healthy Homes Check Up – more relevant to people in New Zealand, this is a series of questions designed to determine how energy efficient your home is. It then provides options for improvements, along with how much the improvements cost and what the payback period is.

What are you doing to help..?

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