No laughing in the ScobleShow

I started watching Robert Scoble’s new show today, aptly name the ScobleShow. I like it. I watched the first episode with Jonathan Schwartz, who is the approachable CEO of Sun Microsystems. Jonathan is passionate about Sun and its technology and it comes across in the interview. Heck, I want to build something big just so I can use a Thumper!!

Robert asks for advice on how to improve his podcasts and who to interview next. I don’t know much about podcasting, but I do know what I don’t like – I don’t like it when the presenters laugh too much. I thought Robert laughed too much – not even in response to a joke, but just random laughs during his questions. (The same goes for radio DJs, I hate it when they laugh at their own jokes!) I also thought that the laughing made his questions sound mumbled, but that may be because he only had the one microphone as he mentions in his post-mortem.

Robert’s got a huge long list of business cards, and he lists some of them to ask who to interview next. There’s so many interesting people on there, but I wouldn’t mind getting to know Nick Bradbury a little better. I don’t pay for software that often – I’ve always had access to free software through work – but Nick’s feed reader, FeedDemon, is a bit of software that I was happy to pay for.

Keep it up Robert, looking forward to more interesting interviews!

Link to ScobleShow post mortem (wow, Ask blog search rocks!) « Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

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