Flight Centre rips off customer

UPDATE: Craig finally got the matter resolved with Flight Centre and is happy with the results. Read more here for details.

The NZ blogosphere may not be as powerful as in America or Europe, but there’s a good number of people blogging about the story of Craig being ripped off by Flight Centre (and then being called a liar just to add insult to the injury!) There’s even a Digg article here: Flight Centre rips off its customers

In brief, Craig was told over the phone that some flight tickets he was looking to purchase had an indefinite return date. He didn’t think that sounded right, so he double-checked and the staff at Flight Centre confirmed it to be true. So he bought the tickets only to find out (too late) that they expired after a year. Now Flight Centre are denying that they told him the tickets were indefinite and now also accusing him of lying!

Hopefully people will read Craig’s story and make sure they have written confirmation of the details before paying for tickets. And perhaps if you read the story you may also consider not dealing with Flight Centre in the first place, as their customer service (full details in the original blog post) have been appalling!

I booked my tickets for my recent trip to London with Zuji and have nothing but praise for them.

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