Day two of TechEd

The second day at TechEd was pretty good. The best sessions I attended were the Exchange 2007 ones. Charlie Chung gave a flawless demo of Exchange 2007 and its integration with PowerShell.

The worst demo of the day came from Softricity whose session I was really looking forward to. Their presentation was all marketing based and none of their demos worked and they couldn’t fix them! Sometimes you can forgive a presenter whose demo fails, but they had three, unrelated failures so we didn’t get to see any of the product.

Also, I found a video of the (annoying) Jaquie Brown interviewing us the meet-and-greet function that was after the first day of TechEd. Its’ quite funny to watch as you can see that nobody wanted to talk to her. Here’s the link –, fast forward to the 4 minute mark to see us.

Here’s a photo from the TechEd Live site showing Nathan from Microsoft demloshing a hard drive!

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