Day one of TechEd 2006

Well the first day of TechEd 2006 is over. The keynote speech from TradeMe’s Rowan Simpson was the most interesting. The most painful was the dreadful MC,  Jaquie Brown – if you’ve ever been to a comedian that wasn’t funny, you’ll know the feeling. That horrible, painful feeling you get when the presenter on stage is cracking the worst jokes ever and getting no laughs in return. It felt like I was having my teeth pulled out – sorry Jaquie, that was terrible.

If I had known the keynote was going to be so bad I would have stayed in bed. I could have done with the extra sleep too – after stumbling home from Minus 5 at about 2am in the morning!!

On a more positivie note, I attended some great sessions today. My highlight was David Roundtree’s presentation on ISA 2006. Other good sessions were on Vista, Longhorn and PowerShell.

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