Wellington cafes

I’ve been catching up on some local blogs recently and found a discussion on which cafes in Wellington are good for meetings – i.e. you need to be able to have a conversation without feeling like you’re shouting.

I haven’t yet found the perfect cafe for this yet. We often go to Legato as it’s quite roomy and the tables aren’t on top of each other, but they often have the music too loud which makes conversation a bit difficult. Pod is similar too – nice and comfy, but often the background music takes over. The library cafe is ok, but don’t sit near the kids play area… I haven’t been back to Katipo since the smoking laws were enforced – I used to avoid it because it got really smoky upstairs, but now that indoor smoking is banned it may be better.

Anyway… the last suggestion in the discussion was to set up a geek cafe, where there’s good CafeNet reception, good coffee, and provides a good meeting environment – sounds good to me.

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