fivepointsix – New Zealand photo sharing site

I stumbled across this site recently via Tim Haines’s blog – is a new photo sharing site based in New Zealand. I’m always interested in local offerings of services that are usually only available overseas – Zoomin is another good example of a great NZ site.

I’m not too sure about the fivepointsix site though, it doesn’t seem to have any advantages over any of the other free, photo sharing sites. You’re only allowed to store 50 photos and they can’t be over 2MB each. I was most interested in the storage facilities because any locally based site will suffer from the economies of scale and probably won’t be able to offer unlimited storage like most other international sites.

But there are some cool features, and from reading the News section, it appears as though more and more features are being added every day. One of the nice features is the ability to have open galleries where several people can contribute to one album – good idea for parties and functions where there are lots of people with digital cameras.

I didn’t like the fact that nowhere on the site is there an email address or contact details of the owner or webmaster. I was keen to pose some questions to the creators but could find no way to contact them. There’s no advertising on the site, which is nice, but it makes you wonder what their business model is, or whether the site is just someone’s part-time hobby?


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