More on the Sony RootKit problems

For those that haven’t been following this, you really should be – this is turning into a major story! It all started with a post on Mark Russinovich’s blog, and it just keeps gaining momentum. I’ll update this post wih the latest news…

Suzi Turner from ZDNet provides a good summary of the whole situation, I suggest you read it.

UPDATE: Sony to be sued –

NEW UPDATE: Anti-Spyware companies will detect and remove the Sony rootkit code!

NEXT UPDATE: Win for the public – Sony will cease production of all CDs with the rootkit software – this is great news.

NEXT UPDATE: VICTORY! Sony agrees to recall all infected CD’s and replace them with unprotected copies. They also post a link on their front page to a press release explaining this.

Mark Rusinovich’s latest post:

Sony’s home page:

Sony’s press release:

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