New DVD writer (at last!)


I finally bought a DVD writer for home when my CDRW drive broke two days ago. I wanted to buy the best one I could get my hands on because they date so quickly.

I decided on the Sony DRU720A, a dual-layer, dual-format DVD/CD writer. It has the quickest write speeds available today plus it can also write to full 8.5GB dual layer disks, although at $12-$15 each, these are still too expensive for day-to-day use.
Sony DRU720A

So far it has worked beautifully! I’ve managed to archive 25GB 30GB 35GB of data from my overcrowded hard drive already with no coasters yet. The package also included a full version of Nero which is quite generous seeing that some manufacturers try to get away with bundling the crappiest software they can get their hands on.

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