We’ve been on holiday for a week and are now staying at Brackenridge in preparation for the big day. We had the wedding rehearsal last night and all went well, including the music – I bought an inverter to plug in the cigarette lighter of the car to be able to power the stereo, and fortunately it didn’t drain the battery during the rehearsal.

It’s been an eventful week with Andrew and Jerome flying in on Monday, Chris and Beula on Tuesday and Mum and Ben on Wednesday. I took Andrew and Jerome all around the Wellington sites on Tuesday, including Te Papa, the waterfront, a drive around the bays and up to the windmill. We’ve had a couple of good, South African braais this week with Boerewors and Biltong too.

Yesterday was a bt of a mad rush packing up and heading over to Martinborough, but we’ve now settled into Brackenridge and kicked off proceedings with another braai last night. It’s a beautiful setting here and we’re greeeted by black-faced sheep in the morning when we step out of the cottages.

Today we’re playing golf at Martinborough Golf Course and then we’re planning a big night out at the Martinborough Hotel. There’s also Super 12 on this weekend so don’t forget to get in your picks on Virtual Super 12 before 5pm this afternoon.

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