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Enterprise Centralised Desktop

There was an interesting download posted on the Microsoft Download Center last week, but I still haven’t been able to access it… This wouldn’t normally bother me but it intrigued me as it looked similar to the announcement that Citrix made about their Citrix Desktop Server product. I wonder if Microsoft pulled the download because of the Citrix announcement?

Windows Vista™ Centralized Desktop and Virtual Server

Also, this download is not available which is probably related:Windows Vista Enterprise Software Assurance New Version Rights Guide

Citrix Desktop Server update

OK, so my understanding of this product is that it provides Citrix ICA sessions to virtual machines running in the data centre. This model provides access to three types of desktops:

  • Virtual machines running on Microsoft or VMware virtualisation products.
  • Terminal services desktops running on Windows Server.
  • Dedicated blade computers for the more demanding user.

Sounds interesting… I can see the value in providing ICA sessions to virtual machines, but this isn’t anything new or ground breaking – they’ve just bundled it up nicely in a $75 (USD) per user package.

Citrix Desktop Server

This has just been released but I haven’t had a chance to look at it properly yet. Will write more once I have a better understanding of it.

Citrix Desktop Server

New Citrix Desktop Server revolutionizes desktop delivery and management

Managing and securing the Windows Desktop OS is a significant and growing challenge for most companies’ Desktop IT organizations. Up to 80% of their time is spent installing new or updated desktops, loading antivirus software, installing security patches, and providing telephone or onsite support, leaving only 20% available for strategic projects. (Source: Forrester). As enterprises grow, this complexity intensifies with multiple types of users, PCs, and the difficulties associated with providing IT services to branch offices, remote employees, and international locations, requiring hundreds of different images to be supported.

Customers looking for an alternative to this traditional approach now have a better way, where desktops can be delivered as a service rather than deployed. Delivering the desktops as a service from the datacenter enables IT to more easily install, manage, and secure these desktops – all at a lower cost than traditional methods. Patches, upgrades, and new applications can be applied centrally, eliminating the enormous complexity and effort required to keep desktops secure and up-to-date while providing the availability, performance, and flexibility that end-users require.

Desktop Server is a strategic enabler for desktop computing allowing organizations to proactively support and drive business objectives by reducing the total time, effort, and cost of delivering desktops by as much as 40%.

Citrix port number change

This is a bit old, but as I recently learned, when Citrix released Metaframe Presentation Server 3 they introduced a new feature called Session Reliability. Briefly, Session Reliability allows your ICA sessions to remain active even when the network connectivity drops out. It seems like a good feature so why would you not use it? Well, there’s no reason not to use it – but you need to be aware that if you enable Session Reliability, any client that is version 8.1 or newer will now use port 2598 instead of 1494.

This is a huge change and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be that well documented, or if it is documented it should be clearly highlighted in huge, bold, red letters! The reason why this is so important..? Most Citrix environments need to know the ICA port numbers in use so that the ICA traffic can be prioritised and also to be able to open ports on the firewall if necessary. If you’ve recently upgraded from MetaFrame XP to PS3 or PS4 then you should definitely ensure that you have the correct ports in use on your firewalls.

Brian Madden has a brief write up in this article too: Goodbye 1494, Hello 2598!