Vodafone to sell iPhone in NZ in 2008

Official word out today confirms that Vodafone will be selling the iPhone in NZ later this year. They have been chosen to sell the iPhone by Apple in 10 countries in total, here’s the press release.

Vodafone today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in ten of its markets around the globe. Later this year, Vodafone customers in Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey will be able to purchase the iPhone for use on the Vodafone network.

[Link to press release.]

Windows Server 2008 RTM

Microsoft have just announced that Windows Server 2008 has been released to manufacturing. I’m really looking forward to this product becoming publicly available and my own testing has been very positive so far.

I have to correct one point made in Microsoft’s blog announcement, it was stated that Server Core doesn’t install a GUI which is incorrect:

With server core, you can even install a GUI-free server.

When you set up a Server Core box, you still get a GUI, but you don’t have a shell. This isn’t just semantics, it’s a fundamental difference. A Linux or Unix server can be installed without a GUI – all you get is a terminal screen. However the Server Core still presents a graphical interface, you get windowed command prompts and can run several graphical tools and utilities, but you don’t get the Explorer shell or associated components.

Well done Mauricio and Geekzone

Mauricio has just completed the upgrade of the Geekzone site and it is now running on Windows Server 2008 (RC0, I’m assuming.) This is a good showcase for Microsoft as Geekzone is in the top 15 NZ sites for unique visitors, according to Mauricio. Microsoft have already moved 75% of their servers on to Windows Server 2008 which shows the confidence they have in the new version.

I’m genuinely excited about Server 2008, and every day I learn about new features that will benefit all sizes of organisations. Today, at the monthly Unplugged event at Microsoft in Wellington, Nathan showed off the new Group Policy Preferences which almost completely remove the need for login scripts. This is a feature that was acquired by Microsoft when they purchased Desktop Standard, so it’s nice to see it being released for free as part of the operating system.

I have the latest build and will be testing it out over the next week, including the newly-announced virtualisation role – now called Hyper-V. I’m also hoping to test out the Windows Essentials Business Server product which was code-named ‘Centro’ (much cooler name) up until recently.

Update: Mauricio got a shout out on the Windows Server blog

Windows Server 2008 64 bit Notebook

Now that I have a 64 bit notebook, I get to do fun stuff like install the 64 bit version of Windows Server 2008 (beta 3). I wasn’t too sure how well the experiment would go, but so far it’s been pretty successful.

Drivers weren’t such an issue as most of the Vista x64 drivers worked flawlessly. I still have 3 unknown devices in the device manager and I haven’t yet tried to configure the finger print scanner, but everything else is good.

Obviously the first thing I did once the graphics drivers were installed, was to make it look like Vista with all the eye-candy. You need to install the “Desktop Experience” option from the “Add Features” section of “Server Manager”. Once that’s installed and you’ve rebooted, you need to enable the “Themes” service and enable all the performance options by going in to the “Advanced System Settings” and turning on all the visual stuff. Then reboot again and you can select the “Windows Vista” theme and the “Windows Aero” appearance settings. As you can see from the screenshot below, it’s all working well.

Windows Server 2008 running Aero

I also needed to configure wireless networking which isn’t installed by default (this is a good thing!) Just get back to the “Add Features” section and you can install the wireless networking option from there.

I have my key apps installed (Firefox, Live Messenger, Live Writer) and it all feels quite solid so far. Now to get some real server stuff running…