iPod Shuffle joins the family

Link: iPod Shuffle joins the family

I bought my fourth iPod this week, completing the family of iPods that we have. This one is a 1GB iPod Shuffle, which joins the classic shaped, 60GB iPod with Video, 4GB iPod Nano (I bought this one for Deb), and the beautiful 8GB iPod Touch. Hopefully I can extend the family again next year if/when the iPhone becomes available here.

The shuffle is an amazingly simple mp3 player and just wonderfully designed. Everything about it is amazing – the price, the packaging, the out of box…

Agile BarCamp Wellington

Link: Agile BarCamp Wellington

Wellington Agile BarCamp I’m attending the Agile BarCamp in Wellington to learn more about Agile and how the Agile methodologies could be applied to projects that don’t necessarily relate to software development.

My (very simplified) understanding of Agile so far is that it is a framework around software development that focuses on delivering lots of smaller releases instead of focusing on the end goal of releasing the final product. It’s a very flat-management style of framework, in that the project team…