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A little less tolerant every day

More great weather…

We’ve been having some of the best weather ever in Wellington over the last couple of weeks. Good timing as my old friends Brad and Amon have been staying with us for the last week. We’ve been swimming down at the river in Moonshine and the beach at Scorching Bay. The only downside is that I got nicely sunburnt on Saturday and am still in pain now!

Wellington in the Summer

The last week or so has been superb in Wellington – summer is here at last!!! We’ve been to a couple of the concerts in the Botanical Gardens put on for free as part of the Meridian Energy Summer City Festival 2005. Highlights have been the California Dreamers who performed all the classics music of The Mamas and The Papas as well as other iconic 60s hits – the oldies were loving it! We also saw the local Celtic group Jacky Tar who perform “funked-up original and traditional Celtic music” and are often see at Kitty O’Sheas on Courtenay Place.

Photo gallery added…

[EDIT: The Photo gallery is back up and is can be found here: I’ve had to temporarily take down the photo gallery because I’ve upgraded to the new WordPress 1.5. Hopefully I’ll get it back up soon…]

I’ve just added a cool photo gallery to the site – there is a link on the right-hand side under ‘navigation’ to get to it. (You may also have noticed that I have reorganised the links a bit better too…)

The gallery is using a nice, easy script called ‘Simple PHP Gallery’ and their website is here: I’ll only keep a few of my favourite photos here – the rest will all be on the website.

Wellington earthquake…

We had a pretty big earthquake here this morning – measured 5.5 on the Richter scale, and it was the first big one I’ve felt over here – quite exciting. Here are the details taken from the Geonet website:

Reference Number: 2354133/G
Universal Time: January 20 2005 at 18:56
NZ Daylight Time: Friday, January 21 2005 at 7:56 am
Latitude, Longitude: 41.09?S, 175.06?E
Focal Depth: 30 km
Richter Magnitude: 5.5

Within 5 km of Upper Hutt
20 km north-east of Lower Hutt
20 km south of Paraparaumu
30 km north-east of Wellington

Widely felt in the Wellington region.
Earthquake map

What is Amanzi?

I’m always asked the question: “What is amanzi?”

Amanzi is the zulu word for ‘water’ and the town that i grew up in was called ‘Amanzimtoti’ which means ‘sweet waters’. The town got it’s name from the chief of the zulus, Shaka Zulu, who once stopped to drink at the river and declared: “kanti amanza mtoti” (so the water is sweet.) The name of the river became Amanzimtoti and also the name of the town that was formed at the mouth of the river.

Skype me…

I’ve started using some software called Skype – it’s free internet, telephone software which enables you to make free phone calls over the internet to other Skype users or really low-cost calls to land-lines around the world.

If you’re already a Skype user, you can call me using this button Skype me!! or by adding my username – stuart.maxwell – to your contacts list.

If you haven’t got the free software yet, you can download it and learn more about it from the Skype website: It’s really easy to use and it seems to be catching on, so this could be the next big thing!

First post….

Thought I’d give blogging another go… I’m using WordPress for this – you can find more info here: It’s really easy to install and use, hopefully I’ll keep this updated regurlarly.

I’ve also updated the DebandStu website – – using portal software called Mambo. Both websites are now on my new server which is running Debian linux on an AMD 2500XP processor with 512MB RAM.

More news to follow soon….