Contact Details via hCard


Rowan’s blog reminded me that I had been meaning to update my contact details on this blog in the hCard standard. In case you have no idea what hCards or microformats are, then read these two articles for more info: Wikipedia, Microformats. And in case those articles are too technical, then all you really need to know is that the hCard format makes it easier for computers to understand your contact details.

Here’s the code I used for mine (you can see it in the sidebar) – just modify with your details as necessary.

<div id="hcard-Stuart-Maxwell" class="vcard">
    <a class="url fn" href="">Stuart Maxwell</a><br />
    <a class="email" href=""></a><br />
    <span class="tel">021766940</span>
    <div class="adr">
        <div class="post-office-box">PO Box 5858</div>
        <span class="locality">Lambton Quay</span>,
        <span class="region">Wellington</span>,
        <span class="postal-code">6145</span>
        <span class="country-name">New Zealand</span>
    <a class="url" href="">Jabber</a>,
    <a class="url" href="">Twitter</a>,
    <a class="url" href="">Flickr</a>,
    <a class="url" href="">LinkedIn</a>,
    <a class="url" href="">Facebook</a>

If the text above looks like gobbledygook to you, then try this online hCard creator instead. You can see how it’s made up and then add more details to it if you like.

Update – updated the PO Box details based on Andy’s comment below – thanks!